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Ancient History of Medicinal Plants, Can It Help the Elderly?

Jamie Moore
“There’s nothing more we can do.”  Many elderly people have heard this unfortunate statement.  In addition, the health care system and conventional medicine are Westernized
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Older Adults & Exercise Physiology

Jamie Moore
Emerging evidence suggests that exercise has healthy benefits as we age.  Aging is a fact of life. When older adults exercise, they enhance the quality
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Exercise Physiology: Fat is the Primary Energy Source

Jamie Moore
Fat is the primary energy source during low-intensity exercise.  Unlike carbohydrates, your body uses it as its main energy source.  It’s storage is more concentrated
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Exercise & Nutrition: Is Carbohydrate Loading for You?

Jamie Moore
Carbohydrate loading is simply adding extra grams of carbs in your diet before a type of endurance competition.  Athletes will gradually increase carbohydrate intake and