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Health Insurance

Insurance is a guaranteed contract built on a trusting relationship between the person and provider.  In other words, a company or provider promises to protect the person through financial responsibility.  Did you know that health insurance has a network of providers- doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and even imaging centers?  Moreover, having health insurance provides benefits like protecting you from financial loss.  No one plans on getting sick or getting hurt, but everyone needs a plan to help cover the cost of medical care.

The Gospel of Health Insurance

Most people believe these three things when health and insurance comes to mind:

  • It’s too expensive
  • You’ll never use it
  • You’ll deal with problems as they come

In the real world, getting insured by an insurance company is planning ahead.  In other words, purchasing insurance is similar to putting money in a savings account.  Remember how you wanted to buy the “fill in the blank”?  First, you needed to save money to cover the cost.  Then, you saved more money to replenish your savings account once it was spent.  Altogether, insurance provides coverage for now and for the future.

Living Life to the Fullest

Not only do we need insurance, but we want some type of aid for the future.  We do not always know what will happen.  However, if we decide to have a family one day, take a physical job, or even need a certain medicine- we will want health insurance.  Some examples of costs that follow life events are here:

  • Injured or broken leg $7,000
  • Getting pregnant, delivery or C-section $4,500-$10,000
  • Average trip to emergency room for various reasons ~ $700


There are several benefits to purchasing health insurance determined by the type of coverage and company who provides it.  For example, did you know that some premium insurance coverage provided by your job includes tax benefits?  If you are an individual, family member, young adult, or older adult getting insured is a long-term investment on your health.  Click here for the next article on Healthcare Insurance in the Marketplace


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