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Also called, “health insurance exchange,” is the internet’s mainstream communication on health insurance and healthcare reform.  In other words, it’s a federally run program.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) opened the exchange platform on the internet among U.S. states in 2010.  On the other hand, states can run their own insurance marketplaces apart from the federal government.  Let’s look closer at the Affordable Care Act, which is also called, “Obamacare.”


Like purchasing a hotel room with an online search tool modified by filters, Obamacare is easy to access through an online portal.  Officially called, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), this law took effect in 2013.  Everything is laid out and easy to understand such as type of coverage provided, the time to purchase plans, how to purchase plans, and the cost overall.  Moreover, the main reason behind Obamacare is this- getting insurance coverage without going through an employer as an individual or family.

Costs Decrease

The Affordable Care Act specializes in three main areas concerning insurance- yearly enrollment periods, requirement from everyone in the U.S. to have insurance, and discounts called subsidies.

First, ACA has set up a structured enrollment plan to best insure each person.  Furthermore, this is a standardized healthcare that includes everyone including people who have a pre-existing medical condition.

Second, ACA was repealed in 2017 that required everyone to have health insurance.  On the other hand, the original idea meant to help everyone afford an insurance plan.  By requiring everyone to have insurance through ACA, the insurance plans would be a much lower cost for everyone.

Third, not only did ACA require everyone to be insured, but they provided subsidies or discounts to help make sure everyone got covered.


You might be asking, “how do I buy health insurance through the marketplace?”  Well, look no further.  Obamacare insurance can be bought directly through the healthcare marketplace during the open enrollment period.  Furthermore, health insurance is not just federally owned- it is privately owned and can be purchased through your employment.  Depending on the type of coverage and provider you want, using an online search that includes your home state will get you the best results.  Also, talking with an agent will help you know the types of plans and coverages that is specific to your needs.

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