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5 Best Healthy Eating Books of 2022

5 Best Healthy Eating Books of 2022

We’re almost closing the year 2022, and have you achieved the health and fitness goal you set at the beginning of the year? Are you close? If so, congratulations, and if you’re still battling procrastination, you’re not alone. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is not as easy as the TV adverts and magazines show you.

It’s an art on its own and requires discipline, persistence, and resilience. So, to help you achieve and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, we’re sharing five of the best healthy eating books of 2022 that will see your health goals come true. A nutrition-focused book can be a great way to help you rejuvenate your diet and lifestyle.

Let’s dive in!

  1. The Great Cholesterol Myth

Let’s face it! Coronary or heart disease is the primary cause of death in America. How’s this related? Well, cholesterol is the main reason or factor behind heart disease, hypertension, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and other coronary diseases. The Great Cholesterol Myth is a book by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra and nutritionist Jonny Bowden demystifying the truth about cholesterol, the lipid hypothesis, and lipoproteins.

With vast experience and expertise in the field, the authors analyze the condition and present a vivid picture of what causes heart disease and other health issues. So, suppose you or a loved one is struggling with any of the diseases. In that case, The Great Cholesterol Myth is the perfect solution for a healthy eating lifestyle.

  1. How to Starve Cancer

Cancer is another plague that has robbed lives around the world. It’s a cruel death that slowly and painfully drains the life out of a patient leaving loved ones and the community shaken. For this reason, Jane McClelland wrote her 2018 book How to Starve Cancer, guiding readers through her harrowing experiences with the monster disease.

She also explains how she found alternative treatments far less harmful than traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These alternatives include healthy eating habits that can reduce the risks and acceleration of Cancer.

  1. Feast. Repeat

This is another excellent read focusing on battling weight loss. Fast. Feast. Repeat. The book was released in 2020 by Gin Stephens and focused on a new and effective weight loss method known as intermittent fasting. This means getting rid of the temporary diets, and the method not only helps you lose weight but also benefits your health and livelihood in the long run. With this method, you don’t have to go through conventional weight loss struggles. You’ll only alternate between several hours or days of fasting and feasting. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about watching what you eat.

  1. In Defense of Food

If you love conspiracy theories and films, this is the book for you regarding healthy eating. Michael Pollan released the book in 2008 and went against the nutritional laws to counter scientists and nutritionists. He argues that the information available about food is inaccurate.

Scientists and nutritionists have done little to no good and harmed the American consumer. Why is this? Pollan argues that humans have known what to eat without a coach for centuries. He calls for the return to our ancestral roots regarding how and what we eat. Pollan says that we should consume real foods instead of processed nutrients. You can now join the dots as to why the book is: In Defense of Food.

  1. The Good Gut

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The gut is the second brain?” Justin Sonnenburg and Erica Sonnenburg take readers through the fantastic machinations of the human gut, also called the microbiome. The gut is filled with live bacteria that positively or negatively affect our physical and mental health. The Good Gut uses scientific-backed evidence to inform readers on how to maintain good gut health practically. This includes the foods you’re supposed to eat to achieve this.

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