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Here’s Why you Should Take a Shot of Tequila Daily

shot of tequila

When you think about tequila, what comes to mind is a messy night and a nauseous hangover morning. This Mexican drink however, comes with some health benefits too. But first, it is important to note that a smoothie is way better than alcoholic drinks as far as your health is concerned. Anyway, a moderation alcohol consumption is not a bad idea, either. Here are 5 reasons how drinking a shot of tequila can boost your health:

  1. A shot of Tequila Aids digestion

A good tequila is made from 100 percent agave and contains no additives nor sugars commonly known as mixtos. It is the high amounts of inulin found in the agave plant that aid in digestion. This is because inulin stimulates the growth of bacteria in your digestive system, necessary for digestion. Moreover, these bacteria also strengthen your immune system, thus reducing gut related problems as well as uneasy stomach. But that’s not all, taking a shot of tequila before a meal boosts your metabolism and appetite.

  1. Helps in losing weight

Whilst taking shots of tequila cannot replace sessions at the gym, you might consider adding tequila to your weight loss routine. As crazy as it may sound, having in mind that liquid calories get into our bodies faster, the agavin properties in tequila aids weight loss. Basically, agavin is a form of sugars found in tequila and has less refined molecular structure compared to other types of alcohol sugars. This simply means that, the sugars in tequila are not absorbed by the body thus preventing a rise of blood sugar levels. Additionally, the agavin sugars is also known to keep the stomach fuller, thus one eats less, which also promotes weight loss.

  1. Probiotic and prebiotic

Essentially, probiotics are healthy digestive tract bacteria that helps maintain a strong immune system. The fructans in agave found in tequila, are rich in these bacteria. Tequila also contains prebiotics which act as food to the bacteria in the gut therefore promoting their growth. Nevertheless, binge drinking of the alcoholic drink will only do more harm than good to your gut. Moderation is the key here so as not to damage the good baceria which otherwise if damaged, forces your antibodies to work really hard to fight toxins in alcohol.

  1. Stronger Bones

Agavins seem to carry all the goodness in a shot of tequila. The agave plant facilitates the absorption of calcium and magnesium which are crucial to maintaining strong bones. Therefore, tequila may be a viable option to for those suffering from brittle bones and osteoporosis threatening the elderly. Additionally, the agave fructans contain the osteocalcin which is a protein responsible for generating new bone cells and better bone density.

  1. Stimulates neural activity

The potassium found in tequila stimulates your brain function thus keeping you calm as well as improving your memory. Furthermore, the calming effect of tequila is relieving and helps you sleep better. It is not advisable to take alcohol on a daily basis.

Overall, alcohol is not the healthiest drink. But if you were to have a drink once in a while, tequila might not be a bad choice after all. Remember to go for the purest tequila and no chasers for a hangover free morning. Cheers!




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