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Things to do to be Happier and Healthier in 2021

Things to do to be Happier and Healthier in 2021

It’s no doubt that 2020 has been particularly hard, and it has taught us essential lessons. A worldwide pandemic literally took over the world at the beginning of 2020, confining people in their homes almost the entire year. Many businesses and economic sectors were adversely affected, and this went down to the common citizen. This is something people couldn’t have imagined, even in their wildest dreams. However, it taught people to be happier, mindful, appreciate their loved ones and live at the moment without taking anything for granted. Below are ten things to do in 2021 to make it the best year yet.

Focusing on the advantages of a downside situation

It is natural to feel heartbroken, fearful, or devastated and focus on the downside of a pandemic when there are numerous devastation incidences. However, people can balance that out with how the pandemic brought people together, helping one another, volunteering, and strengthening the entire idea of collective selflessness.

Start every morning with a smile.

It’s no doubt that life can take over, making people feel an ordeal to smile in the morning. However, try to push yourself to smile. Assure yourself and your loved ones that it will be a great day full of contentment and happiness with a wide smile on your face. This can sound absurd, but it goes a long way in setting the tone for the day ahead.

Exercising daily

Always do everything that makes you move. This could be cycling, going for a walk, dancing, or jumping on the spot while listening to your favorite music. Always ensure that you incorporate at least 20 minutes of exercise daily for a good dose of the happy hormones.


People are always hustling, which the modern culture highly glorifies. People are never really advised to slow down, which is very important. Start practicing meditation at least 15-20 minutes daily and watch the benefits stream in. Research proves that meditation and yoga help the brain release the anti-anxiety chemical GABA.

Eating breakfast

Due to the modern work structure, most people are always in a rush to forget to take breakfast. If you’re one of these people, ensure you prepare a nourishing breakfast every morning. This will equip you with the energy that will keep you motivated throughout the day.


There is a dwindling attention span nowadays, rendering reading very boring to most people. However, grab a book from your favorite genre and read through, immersing yourself in a different world as you sip on your favorite beverage.

Take an afternoon nap.

An afternoon nap is very important in boosting your mood. Although this can be impossible due to your busy schedule, you can set aside a day for this. An afternoon nap improves performance and alertness without affecting the night-time sleep. Lack of an afternoon nap makes one sensitive to negative emotions.

Improve your social life

When you have time, always call a few friends or relatives over for a nice, warm conversation. Venting out or feeling nostalgic when sharing memories is very therapeutic. It is a great feeling that makes one feel so comfortable and relaxed. According to research by Harvard University, happy friends increase your happiness by 15.3%.

Other things to do

  • Spending money on experiences
  • Meeting friends in person
  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Drinking water
  • Taking free online courses
  • Volunteering
  • Painting
  • Going offline
  • Downloading meditation apps
  • Cleaning
  • Walking or stargazing
  • Become a morning person
  • Affirmations
  • Measuring your health
  • DIY projects

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