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Are ‘Giant Sets’ Good for Strength?


For those of you who are strength athletes, trainers, or coaches, the question of whether or not giant sets are good for strength probably isn’t something you’re pondering for the very first time. In fact, you’ve likely argued about it in the gym, at the bar after a workout, or on social media. As with most things in life, there is no black and white answer – it’s all relative. So, what does that mean for giant sets and your strength gains? Are they truly the best compound exercises you can do? Let’s take a closer look.


But before we get into technical answers, you may find the history behind giant sets to be quite fascinating and even a bit more complicated than most people realize. The idea for these types of fitness routines began in Sweden where they were first performed by Luther Blumenthal around 1746 BC during his treatment sessions with patients who had tuberculosis or cancer as showcased on “The Great Morphine Experiment.” Fast forward to many, many years later in 1865, French surgeon Guillaume Dupuytren created an outdoor gymnasium that allowed him to conduct research into human movement while building stamina through heavy manual labor; this led him toward naming it Gymnastique du Remède Imperial (Gym). 


The short answer is: they can be great as compound exercises at home! They’re a lot of fun and allow for more variety in your routine. If you want to switch things up, giant sets are great because they take fewer 225 pounders than normal strength training exercises do– so even though it’s an extra workload on top of other specialist session days or week-long programs where there isn’t much change from day-to date muscular endurance levels –you can focus solely lifting heavier weights without worrying about how many reps will be asked upon completion each time through the set. 


The concept of giant sets is to work on the large muscle groups in your body before moving on to smaller, more detail-oriented exercises. This helps you develop power and strength for bigger movements like picking up heavy objects or carrying out other physical labor tasks that require extra built-up Hammer Strength (the kind achieved through high volume). Strength athletes who work on their shoulders and chest will find that ‘giant sets’ can be a very effective way of training. For those looking to build up the muscles around your shoulder area, this is an excellent workout strategy because there’s no need for any equipment other than yourself! All you’ll want are some heavy cans or bottles – anything from water coolers filled with ice cubes wrapped in towels (which also provide sound insulation) should do nicely-and space enough near where they’re stored so as not to damage them while performing exercises like military presses; bent over rowing motions. You might find these useful compound back exercises, as well.


Overall, giant sets are an excellent way to train your entire body in a short amount of time. Some may consider them to be one of the best compound exercises you can do depending on your personal fitness goals. By using giant sets, you can increase the intensity and efficiency of your workouts while also burning more calories. Give giant sets a try next time you hit the gym, and see how they can help you achieve your fitness goals.  


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