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Natural Healing

Natural Healing- Health & Illness

Natural healing is possible.  However, cultural experience has a major effect on how we seek a cure.  Therefore, what people believe determines how they approach aiding an illness.  When it comes to natural healing, ideas on how a healing may occur varies.  These ideas might include ideologies such as wearing amulets, seeking holistic health, rewards for good behavior, and even prayer (Ritter & Graham, 2016, pp. 32).  Also, culture effects the way people perceive illness.  These causes that bring on an illness may derive from upsetting the balance of nature, exposure to germs, or even a breach of taboo (pp. 32).  Theories of illness shape how people perceive the world around them as well as their cultural experience.  These theories are divided into three broad categories (pp. 32):

Natural Causes

In the naturalistic system, illness is a result of an unbalance in the natural world (34).  When the body is in a natural balance with the environment, the body is believed to be healthy overall.  When illness occurs, an unbalance in the environment is the cause.  The naturalistic belief theory is the two-fold perception of health as a state of harmony between the person and the environment.  First, illness is a result of mechanism philosophy (pp. 34).  This explains a person’s behavior is based on the metaphor of how a machine works.  Nature is the machine and when it has been impaired, a person’s body can inherent the infection.  Likewise, a person’s body can be cure by returning their body to a balanced state.  Both the body and nature have causal relations to one another.  In short, each are connected to one another.

Preventing Illness

These illnesses can be treated.  Dietary changes, natural medicine, exercise, and physical adjustments can help (pp. 34).  Nurse, chiropractors, and acupuncturists can provide methods to help heal a person.  Having a natural and proper hygiene, a balanced diet, and meditation overall can heal the body.


Ayurvedic is an ancient and natural approach to health.  In the ayurvedic system, illness is caused by an energy imbalance (pp. 35).  This idea surrounds three primary principles or energy centers in our body.  These chakras are the breath of life, spirit of light or fire, and the manifestation of harmony.  (Outside of the body, the energy or environment around us are based on the five elements or doshas- earth, wind, fire, and space (pp. 35).)  When the doshas fall out of balance, we experience energy loss, pain, or disease.  To combat these ailments, the ayurvedic system restores the balance.  These are the energetic ways our chakras can be balanced (pp. 35):

  • breathing exercise
  • herbs & oils rubbed on the skin
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • mantras

Chakra means “wheels of life” (pp. 35).  As long as we have breath, our bodies will be sustained.  When we breathe, we take in the life-force of energy.  That energy moves through our circulatory system pulling in this vital life (pp. 35).  However, as we grow older, our chakras may slow down.  We may not take in the life force and as a result our health is compromised.


Natural healing is a widely accepted and popular healthy lifestyle.  Though the ayurvedic system derives from places like India, anyone can practice this belief system.  However, a person will accept and believe based on their cultural experience.  The way to heal the human body is infinite, but the approach and methods vary from culture to culture.

Author:  Jamie Moore Sam Houston State University Pre-Nursing

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