Four Ways to Gain Fiber Immediately

Four Ways to Gain Fiber Immediately

A healthy diet is one of the crucial requirements for a healthy life. Having a high fiber diet has more added advantages compared to a low fiber diet. Health institutions around the world recommend about thirty-eight grams for men and about twenty-five grams for women daily. Below are tips and means to increase fiber in your diet.

Whole-grain foods

Whole-grain foods have the germ and bran intact, making it more nutritious compared to the refined grains. The bran is usually rich in fiber lowers its nutritional value leaving just carbohydrates. To increase the amount of fiber intake in your meals, you should consider replacing refined grains with whole grains. Here are some feeds to top up to your daily menu, brown rice, buckwheat, barley, oatmeal, millet, and faro. Also, adapt to eating potatoes and sweet potatoes with their skin on whether baked or mashed.

Vegetables in meals

Fiber is generally found on plants where it acts as a skeleton giving the plants their shape and structure. This clearly shows that vegetables are highly rich in fiber. When it comes to preparing meals, be sure to include some vegetables which should be served before the main meal. Greens are said to maintain regular bowel activities due to the high fiber content. A study has shown that a person who is served vegetables before a meal is less likely to eat high calories during the meal itself, compared to one that eats the vegetables as part of the meal.


Unlike other meals, a pack of fruits is quite portable. This quality makes it a more comfortable habit to pick on in the quest to up the fiber intake. Fruits are diverse in varieties as well as nutritional content giving one several types to choose from. Fruits can be eaten as salads blended or as a whole. While most people prefer eating peeled fruits, apples, and pears need just to be washed and fed. Their coats are rich in a soluble fiber called pectin. Pectin, in return, lowers the overall calorie intake leading a more healthy diet.

Bean meal

Beans can easily be prepared since they are available in most regions, or come in cans where not available. These fiber-rich legumes can be used diversely, thus suitable for several meals, ranging from spicing up a simple breakfast to preparing a side dish for your lunch. Making beans part of your daily meals can significantly increase the amount of fiber intake, bringing it closer and closer to the recommended level.

Not only should one keep a keen eye on the fiber intake alone but an overall nutrient intake to ensure a spectacular and healthy life. This can be done simply by maintaining a simple, balanced diet and striving to feed on more natural foods, as is the case with fiber intake.

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