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Health Benefits of Kissing

So you may not know it, but you probably feel them. But the truth is, there are several health benefits that come from kissing. Kissing can lower anxiety, lower blood pressure, help lessen allergic reactions, increase your immune system, delay aging, keep your face youthful, among other things.

The Top Benefits Sealed By a Kiss

Kissing Makes You Happy (obviously)

It triggers your brain to release endorphins and chemicals that actually make you happy. In addition to endorphins, they release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine which can make you feel euphoric and increase your feelings, emotions, and affection.

Oxytocin is a chemical that helps with bonding, and when it is released from kissing it brings out feelings of closeness and affection. And if you’re happy in your relationship, chances are you’re happier than you would normally be. So yeah, a kiss can make you happy.

Kissing Relieves Stress

It lowers cortisol levels, which combats stress. Being affectionate and kissing impacts your brain physiologically, and chemically. If you come home from a stressful day at work, or if your car broke down, or you were worried about something – when you get to that person you care about most, and you hug them, kiss them, and talk to them, the stress starts to go away. As they say, “More sex, less stress” – the same applies to kissing.

Kissing Reduces Blood Pressure

It increases your heart rate, increasing your blood flow. So not only does your heart melt when you kiss that special someone, it is actually physically good for your heart, and decreases your blood pressure. And lower blood pressure also helps with headaches, and for women, cramps.


Kissing Burns Calories

It can engage anywhere between 2 and 34 facial muscles. Not to mention the different positions you have to get in to keep it going. And kissing leads to what? It’s a workout for your face, mouth and jaw. And burning calories means weight loss 😉

You can burn anywhere from 1-25 calories per minute kissing. It might not get you in the bathing suit of your dreams, but it’s definitely nice in addition to all the other things it’s already doing for you.

Kissing Boosts Your Immune System

It may not be the most romantic part of this story, but the truth is, exchanging spit with your partner can oftentimes build your immunity. Exposing yourself to new bacteria and germs you strengthen your immune system.

In conclusion

We all know that we feel good when we kiss, but we don’t necessarily know why. It feels nice, it expresses our feelings, but there is some factual evidence that supports it. After a hard day, or feeling stressed out, maybe even if you feel like your immune system is down, or you have high blood pressure, or when feeling down, depressed, or anxious….you can benefit from a hug, but get your kiss.

kissing benefits
Kiss Benefits

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