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Healthy Smoothies Packing Protein and Energy

healthy smoothies

Healthy Smoothies Packing Protein and Energy

It’s not always getting all of your nutrients in a meal, especially in the morning. The good news is, we have a solution for you, which fit everything that you need into healthy smoothies that pack both the protein and energy you need to have a productive day.

There are a million variations of these smoothies you can make, including weight loss smoothie recipes, but what we have laid out here is some of the staples that you can include when preparing your super smoothie.

So What Are the Key Ingredients?

The main things that we want to include in our healthy smoothies are –

  • Greens – preferably organic Kale and Spinach
  • Protein – there are tons of different ingredients you can use as a good source of protein
  • Vitamins/Nutrients – fruits, vegetables and raw foods that
  • Seeds – there are dozens and dozens to choose from
  • Water/Base – we recommend alkaline water or a non dairy base
  • Spices – several to choose from, that add a lot of value and flavor
healthy green smoothies packing protein
Healthy Green Smoothies

Green Options for Healthy Smoothies

For the green portion of your smoothie, stick to the most nutrient packed ingredients. If you’re worried about flavor, don’t! You won’t taste it once you combine everything. Put as much green in your smoothie as you can, it’s the easiest way to get them down, and again, you will barely taste it, if you taste it at all.

We recommend that you go with either fresh or frozen spinach or kale. This will give you iron, protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins, and a long list of additional benefits which we’ll save for another article.

There are also green powders that you can find at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and several other grocery stores. This is a great simple addition for your healthy smoothies.

Protein Options healthy smoothies
Protein Options healthy smoothies

Protein Options for Healthy Smoothies

When people think of protein, most of the time they think of meat. But there are several alternatives that are much healthier, which go great in our smoothies. As both a base and a source of protein, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk.

Protein powder is the easiest way to get a large boost of protein. There are several options to choose from based on your diet, and fitness goals. Whey protein is very popular, while there are also vegan and vegetarian options.

Nuts are a very healthy option for a protein. Nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, pecans are high in protein, as are several others. Whichever kind of nuts your prefer, you can throw them in your smoothie for additional protein. Peanut and Almond Butter also are great for protein and flavor. The same goes with seeds.

vitamins and nutrients for healthy smoothies
Vitamins and Nutrients

Vitamins and Nutrients to add to Healthy Smoothies

Most of the vitamins and nutrients that are bodies need can be found in fruits and vegetables. It’s just not ideal, or always easy to eat as many of them as we would need to in order to get the proper amount of nutrients from them.

You can add anything green – spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, etc…

You can add just about any fruit you like – bananas are great for flavor and potassium, but are bananas good for diabetics? Actually, yes! They have a low GI (glycemic index) score, making them a fantastic ingredient for your smoothie.

You can also add apples, oranges, pineapple, grapes, mango, peaches, plums and just about anything you can think of. But the most beneficial fruits that you add to your smoothie (also without compromising flavor, as citrus might do) use darker fruits like berries – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries. They are the richest in vitamins and have the least amount of sugar.

Chia Seeds for Healthy Smoothies
Chia Seeds for Healthy Smoothies

Seed Recommendations for Healthy Smoothies

One of the easiest things we can add to our smoothie are seeds, and they pack a huge punch. You can buy packages and bags of most of these items at your local grocery store, and quickly add a tablespoon of each when putting together your smoothie.

Things like Flax, Chia, Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Hemp, Pomegranate are excellent sources of antioxidants, fat-burning components, vitamin C, protein, iron, omega-6 to help with cholesterol, omega-3 to help prevent cancer and reduce disease-causing inflammation, and many others.

It’s quick, simple, and highly efficient when putting things together.

alkaline water
Alkaline Water has HUGE Benefits

Choosing Your Base – Adding Liquids

You can always fill the blender up with several different options, like juice, milk, water, tea, or whatever you like. But the best option you have is alkaline water. The PH levels will give your body that extra boost, and it has antioxidants, keeps you extra hydrated, boosts your immune system, helps with weight loss, and fights cancer. This can help you create effective weight loss smoothie recipes.

But another good alternative is unsweetened almond milk, coconut water or milk, or soy milk. The base sometimes just depends on the other ingredients in the smoothie, or what you’re in the mood for.

Spice Benefits for Smoothies
Spice Benefits for Smoothies

Adding a Bit of Spice

With everything you’ve already added, a couple dashes from a few special spices, and you can really ignite your healthy smoothie to a whole new level. Again, what’s more simple than shaking a couple bottles on top of your blender? That’s the beautiful thing about this whole process.

A few spices to consider:

  • Cinnamon – not only is it flavorful, it can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease, help with weight loss, and the list goes on. It is also loaded with antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginger – helps stimulate digestion, assist your body in absorbing essential nutrients, increases blood flow, helps prevent sickness, and does several other great things for you.
  • Cayenne – will help you metabolize food and toxins. 1/8 tsp is all you need. It will also help to ease an upset stomach, sore throat, or cough – if you happen to not be feeling well. Add honey to lessen the spice.
  • Mint – helps with digestion, tastes great, decongests your body, and great for your breath.


These are just ideas and recommendations for what you can do if trying to make healthy smoothies. There are hundred of additional ingredients that you could probably use or pick from.

However, if you pick and choose among the ingredients listed in this article you will definitely feel good, have more energy, boost your nutrition and metabolism levels, increase your antioxidants, all of which will help you be more productive and focused.

These healthy smoothies will help increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake, improve your hydration levels, promote natural weight loss, rejuvenate your body, improve your digestion, make you happier, give you healthier skin, and much more.

Give it a shot, and let us know what you think. If you want to check out a few more weight loss smoothie recipes and try them out, visit …..

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