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Best Workouts for Stay at Home Moms

Best Workouts for Stay at Home Moms

Some people think that stay-at-home moms have it easy, and there’s no reason for them to engage in workouts. Being a stay at home mom is a full-time job in itself. You have to wake up early, feed the family, getting your kids and spouse out the door, taking care of the younger ones, and clean the house. It’s easier to say that a mom’s work truly is never done. This means less time for yourself, let alone hitting the gym to keep your body and health in shape. This article focuses on some of the best exercises that stay at home moms can include in their already hectic lives equipment free.

Exercise with your kids

Exercising with your young ones is not a walk in the park, especially when they’re very young. Yet, this can be achieved, and it can also be an intelligent and useful way of staying fit, healthy, and active. One of the hardest things when involving your children in your workout routine is keeping them motivated. Just let them copy what you’re doing. For example, if your lifting dumbbells, hand them something lighter and have them copy you. You can also take them for bike rides or walks, play games, and do chores into a workout.

Wear your workout clothes all-day

One of the hardest things for stay at home moms is finding time for workouts. Even hopping on a treadmill or a quick 20-minute video as the kids nap can be challenging. To overcome this, you can wear your workout clothes as soon as you wake up. By doing this, you will get in the mood, make the workout easier, and reminds you of your goal to work out.

Make everything count

If you find that you do not have time for a continuous workout or that you’ve missed an exercise, that doesn’t imply you can’t get in some activity. You can run the stairs, add more walking, and incorporate strength training all day long. You can do squats or lunges while you cook or bending over to pick up clothes and toys. All these counts!

Have workout options and ideas ready

To stay in shape when you have a hectic schedule and very little time for yourself, you need to be ready to take advantage of the few minutes you find. Have a clear plan and options for when you find this time. If you work hard enough, short bouts of exercise can be effective. Some of the best timesaver workouts are 10-minute strength training ideas, short total body workout, and 10-minute cardio workouts.

Involve friends and family

If you have a friend or family member around, you can negotiate some exercise time. You can alternate weeks with your spouse and take the time to hit the gym. You might have family who come over once or twice to visit. Take advantage of this time to hit the gym. You can also get to know your neighbors and have them watch your kids once a week while you go for a run.

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