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Causes of Back Pains and How to Combat Them

Causes of Back Pains and How to Combat Them

In the twenty-first century, back pains have been among the top excuses for not going to work. Whether true or false, there are dozen-plus causes and remedies for back pains. Back pains often end up being risky as it is a significant cause of disability worldwide. It is estimated that a vast population in the U.S. suffer back pains though about ninety percent recover without surgery. As grim as it sounds, there are several ways to avoid back pains and keep fit.

Causes of Back Pains

Most people think that as you grow old, back pains are a regular occurrence, but many factors silently or actively lead to back pains. Below is a list of the most common causes;

  • Straining; straining our bodies through daily activities can end up causing complications such as back pains. These are some activities to look out for;
  • making a sudden and awkward movement
  • lifting something improperly
  • lifting heavy loads           

Other factors include;

  • muscle tension
  • damaged disks 
  • strained ligaments          
  • muscle spasm

Movement and Posture;

We pick certain habits as healthy and some of them lead to back pains. A simple lifestyle with proper postures is key to avoiding back pains. Some of these habits include;     

  • bending awkwardly or for long periods 
  • long driving sessions without a break     
  • sleeping on low-quality mattresses        
  • standing or sitting for long periods          
  • overstretching 
  • straining the neck           
  • lifting, pulling, or pushing heavy loads     

Structural problems;      

  • Osteoporosis; is a condition where the bones, including the spine, become delicate and porous, making them prone to fracture during compression.
  • Arthritis; is a medical condition that attacks the joints and hips and can attack other places, leading to spinal stenosis.             
  • Bulging disks; this condition results in increased pressure around a nerve, causing sharp and severe back pain.     
  • Abnormal Spine curvature; if one develops an abnormal curvature in their spin back, pains are more frequent than an average person.
  • Kidney problems, infections, and kidney diseases such as kidney stones are also known to cause back pains.


Most physicians often recommend home remedies but to some immediate medical attention depending on the condition’s severity.

Home remedies;             

The best way to overcome back pains is by resting from strenuous activities, simple to reduce pain, stiffness and preventing muscle weakening. Depending on the doctor’s prescription, several over-the-counter drugs are used to deal with the pain or the underlying cause.

Medical treatment;

  • Medication; when home remedies fail to bring the required results, the doctors may end up recommending certain drugs, some of which include narcotics such as codeine and hydrocodone. Antidepressants could also be prescribed though they are still under study.
  • Physical therapy
  • cortisone injections
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT); as said in several texts, ‘your way of thinking affects your reality’ this method encourages patients to consider and adopt new ways of thinking.          
  • Traction

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