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Health and Fitness Apps: Top Apps for 2018

health and fitness apps

It is difficult to stay fit in a fast-paced moving world as there is little time available to get to the gym. On the other hand, even though you get the time to exercise extensively, they cannot understand the exercise or lack some aspect of organization in regards to the exercise. Despite the challenges, it is really important to stay fit and healthy. This is the reason that led to the creation of health and fitness Apps. Ideally to help people overcome barriers like the lack of organization and understanding.

Beginning a health and fitness program at the gym is easy. You visit the gym for the first few days and your body starts becoming sore. Then, you begin having second thoughts on whether your new-found hobby is worth the pain. You begin building excuses for putting up some hours at the gym and before you know it, you stop going. One solution that has become more popular and effective to the problem of commitment are health and fitness apps.

Health and fitness apps fall under various caterogies depending on the function. Functions of the health and fitness apps include:

  • Comprehensive training apps for guiding you through workouts
  • Quick hits app for shorter workout sessions
  • Nutrition tracking apps to keep you in check with your diet.
  • Outdoor cardio apps meant for the adventurous nature lovers
  • Recovery apps that would bring you up to speed on a stable mind and body balance

Here are some health and fitness apps considered to be the best for the year 2018:

Health and Fitness apps


Aaptiv is a comprehensive training app and functions on both iOS and Android. It is inclusive of membership classes priced at $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The app is an in-ear personal trainer that takes your workout up a notch by pushing you beyond your limits. As much as you try to knock out the levels set for you the app will push you beyond your wits just a little more. Aaptiv features more than 2,500 classes with a team of 15 trainers whipping up new classes every week.

With your monthly or annual subscription, members get unlimited access to a minimum of 30 new classes every week keeping you accustomed to new material rather than the repetitive workouts that you boringly do over and over. Having a real-life personal trainer is quite expensive but having gone through the app has been made affordable via Aaptiv. Whether your style of workout is running, cycling or lifting, the app’s audio driven instructions make it easy for individuals to follow and achieve their goals.


Unlike Aaptiv, Playbook which was formerly known as Fitner is considered as a comprehensive tracking app. If you’re engaged in a workout program, then you understand the importance of managing your progress, especially within longer periods more than a week. In an era that is dominated by social media, it cannot be denied that the majority of people look for celebrity envisioned inspiration for their workouts. Playbook takes this concept and pairs individuals with their social media influencer, athlete or trainer. Take for instance you’re inspired by Kevin Hart’s workout routine on Instagram. Through Playbook, you get to receive daily updates on your Hart’s workout routines and wellness advice including his 10 most recent workouts. You will be able to directly communicate with your trainer of choice as well as other trainers in the Playbook community. The app offers a monthly subscription $9.99 and is only compatible with Apple’s iOS.


It is also a comprehensive tracking app developed for both the Android and iOS platforms. The app is perfect for individuals who do not want to deal with the perks of a crowded gym or the time commitments involved with getting exercise at the gym. If you’re are dedicated to getting more lean, fit and strong in a short amount of time then Sworkit is the best app for your needs.

The app offers a six-week program with weekly goals depending on your current fitness level. You get to choose the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to the program and the app will tailor a suitable plan matching your schedule. After a while the app also allows you to design your own workouts featuring your favorite moves. At a premium quarterly subscription fee of $29.99 or an annual fee of $59.99, subscribers get access to real trainers who offer advice, exclusive exercises, and workouts as well as custom HIIT and Tabata workouts.


Gym users can use this app. If the gym is your thing, the comprehensive tracking app will be the go-to app to record your workouts regardless of your fitness level. The app is capable of recording your reps and weights. JEFIT has access to over 1,300 exercises in its database ensuring that the user can find what they may be looking for. The app may not plan out the routines you undertake but allows you to choose user-generated workouts as well as allow you to switch up your typical routine. The app is free and you can find it on the app store or Google play store.


The app is known as 7-FIT or HiFit on the iOS or the Android platform respectively. It is considered as a Quick-hit app as it only takes 7 minutes. Every workout in the app takes 7 minutes ranging from body part specific routines to full body routines. Sure, the app won’t help you have a chiseled body as seven minutes cannot hack it; it’s not as intensive as required but at least it gives you some time to keep fit out of a busy day.

Nike+ Run Club

The app is best for outdoor cardio and is available for both iOS and Android. Nike is a formidable standby brand that has supported many athletes over the years so it may not be surprising that they have a number of health and fitness apps up their sleeves. The app amazingly tracks your run via GPS, gives you optional in-ear coaching plans and drills motivation into your runs thanks to its community aspect portrayed by having a leaderboard. The app helps build up your strength, speed, and endurance.

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