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How Healthy is Your Sex Life?

sex life

More often than not, sex is linked to intimacy and bonding with your partner. Well, besides the pleasure, a healthy sex life has proven to be the magic pill to a variety of health hazard illnesses. Sexually active people have a stronger immune system compared to those who have sex less often. Simply put, if you are looking into taking fewer sick days, the answer is between the sheets!

Here are some of the benefits of regular orgasm:

A Healthy Sex Life Reduces stress and lowers blood pressure

Sex raises the endorphin hormones and other hormones that are responsible for boosting your mood. This brings a calming effect especially during stressful events, which may otherwise increase your blood pressure. As intriguing as it may sound, making out is a form of exercise that can spike your good moods. However, this effect was found to be more pronounced in people who had penile-vaginal penetration. This notwithstanding, both non-penetrative and masturbation can also help you stay peaceful.

Reduces prostate cancer

One of the most significant male-specific health benefits of sex is reduced prostate cancer risk. Whether you are flying solo or coupled up, ejaculating at least 21 times per month can put you among the less likely to develop prostate cancer. Although more research is needed to confirm the link between prostate cancer and ejaculation, this was one fascinating finding.

Boost your libido

The remedy to a waning libido may be as close as the bedroom. Actually, the more often you have sex the more your desire to do it increases. This is simply because sex, particularly by penetration, not only brings a physical connection but also a mental one. Additionally, for women who have vaginal dryness; making it difficult to have sex, frequent sex can help solve this. Sex boosts vaginal lubrication as well as elasticity, thus making sex enjoyable and heightens libido.

Burns calories and improve heart health

Just like any other exercise, sexual activity is a form of physical activity that helps burn calories. This is mainly because making out increases your heart-beat rate and utilizes various muscles thus burning about 4 calories per minute. Although some people feel that the physical exertions during sex are threat to the heart, it is these activities that boost the metabolism rate. In turn, this boosts the cardiovascular health by keeping the estrogen and testosterone in balance.

A Healthy Sex Life Improves bladder control in women

In most cases, women suffering from incontinence have a weak pelvic floor. However, regular penile-vaginal penetration has proven to be a better way to strengthen and tone a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Basically, when a woman orgasms, it acts as a good workout for her pelvic floor muscles by causing contractions which strengthens them. Moreover, having stronger pelvic muscles reduces the risk of accidental urine leaks.

There is more to sex than just reproduction and pleasure. Therefore, getting a little cozy can actually improve your overall health in many ways. But most importantly, it is always a good idea to practice safe sex.




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